Elevator Trap (2009)

Elevator Trap is a Japanese movie directed by Keisuke Horibe. It was released by Nikkatsu on October 10, 2009.

In the film, Takumi Saitoh plays a man named Jun Ogawa who finds himself trapped on an elevator after waking up with a splitting headache. He finds himself stuck with two other men and a young woman dressed in gothic lolita fashion.

The emergency panic button is out of order and his cell phone battery is dead so he can’t call for help. As they begin to talk to one another, various secrets about each of them come to light, increasing their mutual distrust.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Akumu no Elevator
Release date
October 10, 2009

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Takumi Saitoh Takumi Saitoh
Aimi Satsukawa Aimi Satsukawa
ayano-yamamoto Ayano Yamamoto
No photo available Ichado Horii
Fuyuki Moto Fuyuki Moto
No photo available Hachiro Ika
Kouichi Ohori Kouichi Ohori
No photo available Makoto Miyashita
Manami Honjo Manami Honjo
Seiyo Uchino Seiyo Uchino
Ryosei Konishi Ryosei Konishi
Sei Ashina Sei Ashina
No photo available Shin Ikeda
Shinpei Ichikawa Shinpei Ichikawa
No photo available Shotaro Ashida
Tetsuhiro Ikeda Tetsuhiro Ikeda
Tsugumi Nagasawa Tsugumi Nagasawa


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