Exte: Hair Extensions (2007)

Exte: Hair Extensions is a 2007 Japanese horror movie directed by Sion Sono.

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Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
February 17, 2007
Distributed by
+ Show DVD & Blu-ray releases


An insane morgue night watchman named Yamazaki steals the corpse of a young woman which continues growing hair at an extreme rate. He harvests the hair and sells it at a local hair salon. However, the hair is cursed and begins taking control of all the people it’s used on. Meanwhile a hair stylist named Yuko must protect her timid niece Mami from these possessed customers as well as her own abusive mother.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Chiaki Kuriyama Chiaki Kuriyama Yuko Mizushima
Miku Sato Miku Sato Mami Mizushima
Megumi Sato Megumi Sato Yuki Morita
Tsugumi Tsugumi Kiyomi Mizushima
eri-machimoto Eri Machimoto Sachi Koda
Ren Osugi Ren Osugi Gunji Yamasaki
ran-usami Ran Usami Morgue girl
Mirai Yamamoto Mirai Yamamoto
Hikari Mitsushima Hikari Mitsushima
Yuna Natsuo Yuna Natsuo
Ken Mitsuishi Ken Mitsuishi
Hiroshi Yamamoto Hiroshi Yamamoto
Tetsushi Tanaka Tetsushi Tanaka
Yoshikazu Ebisu Yoshikazu Ebisu
Mayu Sakuma Mayu Sakuma


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