Star Watching Dog (2011)

Star Watching Dog is a 2011 Japanese movie directed by Tomoyuki Takimoto and based on a manga by Osakan cartoonist Takashi Murakami.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Hoshi Mamoru Inu
Release date
June 11, 2011
Distributed by
  • Star Watching Dog - HK DVD

    Region 3 NTSC DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: Vicol Entertainment (Hong Kong)
    Out: Feb 23, 2012
    Buy: YesAsia US, YesAsia Global
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An abandoned van is discovered in the mountains of Hokkaido with the corpse of a man who died six months ago and a dog who died one month ago. City hall welfare department worker Okutsu meets a young woman named Yuki and together they begin an investigation which eventually uncovers a story of a man who was going through great personal difficulty while sharing a strong bond with his beloved dog.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Toshiyuki Nishida Toshiyuki Nishida Man
Tetsuji Tamayama Tetsuji Tamayama Okutsu
Umika Kawashima Umika Kawashima Yuki
Kimiko Yo Kimiko Yo
Yoichi Nukumizu Yoichi Nukumizu
Sansei Shiomi Sansei Shiomi
Shido Nakamura Shido Nakamura
Kayoko Kishimoto Kayoko Kishimoto
Tatsuya Fuji Tatsuya Fuji
Tomokazu Miura Tomokazu Miura


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