Install (2004)

Install is a Japanese movie directed by Kei Kataoka and based on a novel by Risa Wataya. It was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 23, 2004 and released by Kadokawa in Japan on December 25, 2004.

Pop star Aya Ueto stars as Asako, an attractive 17-year-old high school girl who decides to take a day off from school and contemplate her life. She meets a 10-year-old boy named Aoki who teaches her all about Internet chat rooms and the ease of earning money engaging in cybersex with strangers who either don’t know or don’t care that they may be getting off by chatting with people who may or may not be who they claim.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
October 23, 2004
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Aya Ueto Aya Ueto Asako Nozawa
No photo available Shichinosuke Nakamura Kouichi
Ryunosuke Kamiki Ryunosuke Kamiki Kazuyoshi Aoki
Takashi Ukaji Takashi Ukaji
hiroshi-kanbe Hiroshi Kanbe
Yoji Tanaka Yoji Tanaka
Yoshiyuki Morishita Yoshiyuki Morishita
Hiroshi Okochi Hiroshi Okochi
Tomohiro Waki Tomohiro Waki
Rei Kikukawa Rei Kikukawa Momoko-sensei
Hijiri Kojima Hijiri Kojima Kayori
Yoshiko Tanaka Yoshiko Tanaka Megumi Kasa


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