L DK (2014)

L♥DK is a 2014 Japanese movie directed by Taisuke Kawamura and based on a manga by Ayu Watanabe.

Movie info

Release date
April 12, 2014
Directed by
Taisuke Kawamura
Written by
Yuko Matsuda (screenplay)
Ayu Watanabe (manga)
Eiren rating
G (General Audiences)
Distributed by
Theme song
"Kimi Iro Days" by Honey L Days
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Aoi is a high school girl who is living on her own for the first time. One day, a certain incident leads to her and the school ladies’ man, Shuusei Kugayama, secretly living together under the same roof.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ayame Goriki Ayame Gouriki Aoi Nishimori
Kento Yamazaki Kento Yamazaki Shusei Kugayama
Akiyoshi Nakao Akiyoshi Nakao Ryosuke Sato, Shusei's best friend
Rei Okamoto Rei Okamoto Moe Shibuya, Aoi's best friend
Seiji Fukushi Seiji Fukushi Souju, Shusei’s older brother
Renn Kiriyama Renn Kiriyama Wataru Sanjo
Anna Ishibashi - Horipro 2013 Anna Ishibashi Satsuki Mizuno, Shusei’s childhood friend
Miho Shiraishi Miho Shiraishi Kazumi Hoshino, Aoi and Shusei's landlord

Latest news

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    On Friday, new photos were taken on the set of the live-action L♥DK movie at the Toei studio in Higashiōizumi, Tokyo.Based on a romantic comedy shojo manga by Ayu Watanabe which has been...

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  • Ayame Gouriki

    Ayame Gouriki sports long hair in new photos from the set of L DK

    On Thursday new photos were released from Cosmo World amusement park in Kanagawa, where filming of Taisuke Kawamura’s live-action adaptation of L♥DK recently began.Ayame Gouriki, who once had...

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    Supporting cast of live-action L DK film announced

    Today six new supporting cast members were revealed for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Ayu Watanabe’s popular shojo manga L♥DK .Joining the previously announced leads Ayame Gouriki...

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  • Kento Yamazaki / L DK

    Kento Yamazaki to co-star alongside Ayame Gouriki in live-action L DK movie

    Today it was revealed that Kento Yamazaki will play popular high school boy Shusei Kugayama in Taisuke Kawamura’s live-action adaptation of Ayu Watanabe’s popular shojo manga L♥DK.The film is a...

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  • Ayame Gouriki / LD K

    Ayame Gouriki to star in live-action L DK

    Actress Ayame Gouriki is set to get her first solo lead role in an upcoming live-action adaptation of Ayu Watanabe’s popular shojo manga L♥DK.Goriki, who has never been featured in a love story...

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  • Trailer (Japanese)

    Added 3 years ago



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