Lady Snowblood (1973)

Lady Snowblood is a 1973 Japanese movie directed by Toshiya Fujita and based on a manga by Kazuo Koike and Kazuo Kamimura.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
December 1, 1973
Directed by
Toshiya Fujita
Written by
Norio Osada (screenplay)
Kazuo Koike (manga)
Kazuo Kamimura (manga)
Distributed by
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    Label: AnimEigo (US)
    Out: May 11, 2004
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A woman named Sayo is sent to prison for murder and immediately begins having sex with anyone and everyone, hoping to conceive a male child that can someday kill the men that caused her sentence and killed her husband. Instead, Sayo ends up giving birth to a girl named Yuki. Knowing she’s about to die, Sayo gives explicit instructions to her fellow inmates on how to bring up Yuki as an instrument of vengeance.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Meiko Kaji Meiko Kaji Yuki Kashima
Toshio Kurosawa Toshio Kurosawa Ryurei Ashio
Masaaki Daimon Masaaki Daimon Go Kashima
Miyoko Akaza Miyoko Akaza Sayo Kashima
No photo available Shinichi Uchida Shiro Kashima
Takeo Chii Takeo Chii Tokuichi Shokei
noboru-nakaya Noboru Nakaya Banzo Takemura
No photo available Yoshiko Nakada Kobue Takemura
No photo available Akemi Negishi Tajire no Okiku
No photo available Kaoru Kusuda Otora Mikazuki
No photo available Sanae Nakahara Kitahama, Okono
No photo available Hosei Komatsu Genzo Shibayama
No photo available Makoto Matsuzaki Daikashi
No photo available Hiroshi Hasegawa Daihachi Kachime
Takehiko Ono Takehiko Ono
No photo available Hitoshi Takagi Matsuemon
No photo available Mayumi Maemura Young Yuki
No photo available Kenji Okura Henchman
No photo available Ichiro Kijima
No photo available Shoichi Hirose
Kai Ato Kai Ato Henchman
Eiji Okada Eiji Okada Gishiro Tsukamoto
Ko Nishimura Ko Nishimura Priest Dokai


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Film series

  1. Lady Snowblood (1973)
  2. Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance (1974)


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