Lost Love Murder (2010)

Lost Love Murder is a Japanese movie directed by Shoji Kubota. It was released by The Klock Worx in Japan on April 24, 2010.

In the film, Yourei Yanagi plays a wealthy man named Shuichi Minamida who lives comfortably with his wife Miyako (Mao Miyaji), thanks to a vast inheritance, but worries that Miyako doesn’t truly love him. He confesses his concerns to his dentist, Kotoura (Ryuichi Oura), who contacts the Akechi Detective Agency to investigate Miyako for Minamida.

The agency head’s wife, Fumiyo (Mari Hoshino), takes a personal interest in the case and notices that there’s something strange going on between Miyako and Kotoura. This discovery leads to unthinkable consequences for the people involved.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Shitsuren Satsujin
Release date
April 24, 2010

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Yourei Yanagi Yourei Yanagi
No photo available Mao Miyaji
No photo available Ryuchi Ohura
Kinuo Yamada Kinuo Yamada
No photo available Kouta Kusano
Mari Hoshino Mari Hoshino


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