Love Come (2010)

Love Come is a 2010 Japanese movie directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
September 25, 2010
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Makie is an energetic flower shop manager in Tokyo who keeps herself very busy. Although she’s beautiful, she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 23 months. One day, she’s reunited with a childhood friend named Miharu after 17 years apart. With the guidance of part-time flower shop employee Ryoko and a voice actor named Nishijima, Miharu struggles to confess his love for Makie.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Karina Karina Makie
Kie Kitano Kie Kitano Ryoko
Kei Tanaka Kei Tanaka Miharu
Atsuro Watabe Atsuro Watabe Nishijima
Emiri Henmi Emiri Henmi
Jiro Sato Jiro Sato
Kotaro Shiga Kotaro Shiga
Noriko Eguchi Noriko Eguchi
Noriko Nakagoshi Noriko Nakagoshi
Takashi Tsukamoto Takashi Tsukamoto
Toranosuke Kato Toranosuke Kato


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