Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy the Movie - Mega Monster Battle (2009)

Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy the Movie - Mega Monster Battle is a Japanese sci-fi action movie directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

Movie info

Original title
大怪獣バトル ウルトラ銀河伝説 THE MOVIE
Transliterated title
Daikaijū Battle: Ultra Ginga Densetsu - The Movie
Release date
December 12, 2009
Distributed by
Warner Bros.


The evil Ultraman Belial was imprisoned by the Ultraman King tens of thousands of years ago. When he finally escapes, he attempts to use the Giga-Battlenizer to control 100 giant monsters and conquer the galaxy.

On the Ultraman homeworld, where there is no 3-minute time restriction like there is on Earth, a team of 50 Ultramen including Ultraman, Ultra Seven, and Ultraman Mebius among many others mobilize to put a stop to Ultraman Belial’s plans and face off against his monsters.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Shota Minami Shota Minami Rei / Reimon
Susumu Kurobe Susumu Kurobe Shin Hayata / Ultraman
Koji Moritsugu Kohji Moritsugu Dan Moroboshi / Ultra Seven
hiroyuki-konishi Hiroyuki Konishi Hyuga
Saki Kamiryo Saki Kamiryo Haruna
Mitsutoshi Shundo Mitsutoshi Shundo Kumano
Toru Hachinohe Toru Hachinohe Oki
No photo available Taiyo Sugiura Musashi Haruno
takeshi-tsuruno Takeshi Tsuruno Shin Asuka / Ultraman Dyna (voice)
Shunji Igarashi Shunji Igarashi Mirai Hibino / Ultraman Mebius
No photo available Mamoru Uchiyama Inhabitant of the Land of Light
No photo available Bin Furuya Inhabitant of the Land of Light
Takashi Okamura Takashi Okamura Alien Pressure
Hiroyuki Miyasako Hiroyuki Miyasako Ultraman Belial (voice)
mamoru-miyano Mamoru Miyano Ultraman Zero (voice)
No photo available Jiro Dan Ultraman Jack (voice)
No photo available Keiji Takamine Ultraman Ace (voice)
No photo available Ryu Manatsu Ultraman Leo (voice)
No photo available Osamu Yamamoto Ultraman 80 (voice)
No photo available Hiroya Ishimaru Ultraman Taro (voice)
No photo available Keiichi Nanba Ultraman Hikari (voice)
No photo available Takeshi Aono Alien Zarab / Fake Ultraman (voice)
No photo available Rie Hasegawa Ultra Mother (voice)
daisuke-nagakura Daisuke Nagakura Alien Zetton (voice)
No photo available Taiyo Kawashita Alien Shaplay (voice)
No photo available Masahiro Chono Alien Reiblood (voice)
Tokuma Nishioka Tokuma Nishioka Ultra Father (voice)
No photo available Junichiro Koizumi Ultraman King (voice)
No photo available Hideyuki Hori Battle Nizer (voice)
No photo available Masaaki Yajima Narrator
Mark Chinnery Mark Chinnery Researcher
No photo available Hideyuki Tanaka Zophy


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