Oshin (2013)

Oshin is a 2013 Japanese movie directed by Shin Togashi and based on the popular TV drama of the same name which aired on NHK from 1983-1984. While the original drama spanned the entire life of the main character, Oshin, the movie focuses primarily on her childhood.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
October 12, 2013
Directed by
Shin Togashi
Written by
Kota Yamada (screenplay)
109 min.
Eiren rating
G (General Audiences)
Distributed by
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In 1907, Oshin’s impoverished parents decide they have send her off to work as a live-in servant at a lumber shop in order to reduce the number of mouths they have to feed. In exchange, they will receive 130 pounds of rice. Oshin is hurt and initially resists the move, but changes her mind after her mother almost dies attempting to self-induce a miscarriage by bathing in freezing cold water.

In spite of the harsh conditions at the lumber mill, Oshin works diligently until she’s accused of theft. Offended, she runs away and gets caught in a blizzard. She almost dies, but is rescued by a hunter named Shunsaku who is in fact a war deserter. Shunsaku takes Oshin in and teaches her basic reading and arithmetic.

After a series of trying events, Oshin eventually returns home and is sent to work for a rice wholesaler with a young daughter about the same age as Oshin. However, she finds herself in yet another difficult position after a certain incident occurs between them.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
kokone-hamada Kokone Hamada Oshin Tanimura
Aya Ueto Aya Ueto Fuji Tanimura, Oshin's mother
Goro Inagaki Goro Inagaki Senzo Tanimura, Oshin's father
Kayoko Kishimoto Kayoko Kishimoto Tsune, Nakagawa Lumber Shop employee
No photo available Ayako Kobayashi Mino, young bride of Kaga-ya rice wholesaler
No photo available Ryosuke Nogi Seitaro, Kaga-ya's proprietor
Jitsuko Yoshimura Jitsuko Yoshimura Naka Tanimura, Oshin's grandmother
shinnosuke-mitsushima Shinnosuke Mitsushima Shunsaku, deserter
guts-ishimatsu Guts Ishimatsu Matsuzou, old charcoal maker
No photo available Pinko Izumi Kuni, Kagaya's lady of the house
manami-igashira Manami Igashira Kayo


  • Pop star Goro Inagaki (SMAP) chose to cut his long hair in order to play Oshin’s father, Senzo Tanimura. Even though he had kept his hair long over a career spanning 2+ decades, he felt it would be more appropriate for the time period being depicted to have short hair.

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