Platonic Sex (2001)

Platonic Sex is a Japanese movie directed by Masako Matsuura and based on the autobiography of AV actress Ai Iijima. It was released by Toho in Japan on October 20, 2001.

Saki Kagami stars as a teenager named Aoi who becomes suicidal after being gang-raped by her classmates and kicked out of her home by her parents. Before she commits suicide, however, she receives an email on her cellphone from a man named Toshi (Joe Odagiri) addressed to a girl named Ai.

The message simply thanks the girl for being alive, but this specific message has an effect on Aoi and she decides to keep on living. Without many options, Aoi resorts to everything from paid dating to porn to earn money and meets a lot of less than reputable characters. Throughout it all though she looks toward Toshi as her hope for happiness and the two form a relationship.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Puratonikku Sekkusu
Release date
October 20, 2001
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Saki Kagami Saki Kagami Aoi Kadokura
Joe Odagiri Joe Odagiri Toshimi Iwasaki
Maho Nonami Maho Nonami Akemi Yamaguchi
Kenjiro Ishimaru Kenjiro Ishimaru Yoshio Kadokura
Toshie Negishi Toshie Negishi Yukiko Kadokura
No photo available Taisihu Kase Makoto Kanai
Hiroshi Abe Hiroshi Abe Hideyuki Ishikawa
No photo available Maiko Takagi
Yusuke Kamiji Yusuke Kamiji
No photo available Hiroyuki Kishi
Mantaro Koichi 2013 Mantaro Koichi
No photo available Yoshiyuki Morita
No photo available Mitsuru Murata
Ikuji Nakamura Ikuji Nakamura
Hitomi Sato Hitomi Sato
Takanori Takeyama Takanori Takeyama
Yoji Tanaka Yoji Tanaka
No photo available Emi Yamamoto Maki
No photo available Takashi Yuki


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