Love Scenario (2010)

Love Scenario is a Japanese movie written and directed by Shoji Kokami and based on his own hit stage play.

Movie info

Original title
恋愛戯曲 私と恋におちてください。
Transliterated title
Renai Gikyoku - Watashi to Koi ni Ochite Kudasai
Release date
September 25, 2010


A famous and self-absorbed screenwriter named Mayumi is expected to write the script for a new TV drama special, but she’s completely run out of ideas. When a low-level producer named Mukai pressures her to get it done, she makes the highly unusual demand that he make her fall in love with him for inspiration.

The story is conveyed in three separate levels: reality in which Fukada plays Mayumi, the scenario in which she plays a housewife, and the scenario within the scenario in which she plays a beautiful woman in a script the housewife is writing.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kyoko Fukada Kyoko Fukada Mayumi
Kippei Shiina Kippei Shiina Mukai
Jun Inoue Jun Inoue
Masahiko Nishimura Masahiko Nishimura
Masatoshi Nakamura Masatoshi Nakamura
Misa Shimizu Misa Shimizu
Takashi Tsukamoto Takashi Tsukamoto

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