What's Going on with My Sister? (2014)

What's Going on with My Sister? is a 2014 Japanese movie directed by Yuki Aoyama and based on a manga by Mari Matsuzawa.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga
Alternate titles
Recently, My Sister Is Unusual. (literal title)
Release date
May 17, 2014
Directed by
Yuki Aoyama
Written by
Igiikooen (screenplay)
Takehiko Minato (screenplay)
Mari Matsuzawa (manga)
Eiren rating
R15+ (Restricted to 15 and over)


After her mother remarries and moves away for her step-father’s new job, Mitsuki is left behind to live with with her new step-brother Yuuya. One day, Mitsuki is somehow fitted with a magical chastity belt after being possessed by the spirit of a young woman named Hiyori. Hiyori claims to be a ghost, but remembers nothing from her former life other than her love of Yuuya. Hiyori informs Mitsuki that the only way she’ll ever be freed from the belt is to fill its special “TST” satisfaction meter by engaging in romantic and sexual acts with Yuuya. Every time the meter fills, a new stair is built in the afterlife to allow Hiyori to reach the “Gates of Heaven”.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Tenka Hashimoto Tenka Hashimoto Mitsuki Kanzaki
Yukichi Kobayashi Yukichi Kobayashi Yuuya
Mayu Mayu Hiyori
Mika Yano Mika Yano
No photo available Akita Kazue
No photo available Ini Kusano
No photo available Aiko Masuda
No photo available Itto Shimada
No photo available Maika Ohtsu
No photo available Rinku Kanai
No photo available Yuki Aoyama
Hajime Inoue Hajime Inoue
Reiko Hayama Reiko Hayama

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