Shaolin Girl (2008)

Shaolin Girl is an action-comedy movie directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro. It’s considered a Japanese follow-up to Stephen Chow’s 2001 smash-hit Hong Kong film Shaolin Soccer and Chow served as executive producer. It was released by Toho and Gaga in Japan on April 26, 2008.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Shaolin Shōjo
Release date
April 26, 2008
Distributed by
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Kou Shibasaki stars as Rin, a girl who has trained in the art of kung fu for 9 years so that she can take over her grandfather’s Shaolin dojo in China.

Upon returning to Japan she ends up teaching her skills to the lacrosse team of a sports science university. However, the stoic university president has special plans for Rin and enacts a dangerous plan meant to drive her over the edge and unleash her hidden power.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kou Shibasaki Kou Shibasaki Rin Sakurazawa
Toru Nakamura Toru Nakamura Yuichiro Oba
kitty-zhang Kitty Zhang Yuqi Minmin Ryu
No photo available Tin Kai-Man Tin
No photo available Lam Chi-chung Ramu
Mami Yamasaki Mami Yamasaki Mami Shimizu
No photo available Asagi Kudo Asagi Kondo
Kana Harada Kana Harada Kana Kitano
elly-otoguro Elly Otoguro Eri Kuroiwa
No photo available Mayu Gamou Mayu Yamada
No photo available Asami Ito Asami Tabuse
No photo available Yuko Chino Yuko Kaji
No photo available Miho Chiyoya Miho Takuma
No photo available Aina Nishiaki Aina Ogata
No photo available Miyuu Sawai Miyu Kanagawa
reina Reina Nana Matsumoto
No photo available Asuka Ishii Asuka Shii
No photo available Kimi Oie Kimi Nakano
No photo available Asami Katsura Asami Nagano
naoko-watanabe Naoko Watanabe Naoko Yuasa
No photo available Ayasa Hanagata Ayasa Nikai
Hikari Mitsushima Hikari Mitsushima Hikari Takahashi
Akaji Maro Akaji Maro Rin's Master
No photo available Kotaro Takeshita
No photo available Kazutoshi Yokoyama
Yu Kamio Yu Kamio
No photo available Takashi You
Rie Minemura Rie Minemura
Kotaro Shiga Kotaro Shiga
No photo available Yuko Mano
Catherine Seto Catherine Seto
No photo available Kazuyoshi Hayashi
No photo available Kintaro Hara
Daijiro Kawaoka Daijiro Kawaoka
No photo available Munenori Nagano
No photo available Yoshiaki Yoza
Tsuyoshi Muro Tsuyoshi Muro
No photo available Hideki Nagai
No photo available Jun Irie
No photo available Keiko Hiwatashi
No photo available Shuhei Yoshinaga
No photo available Tomonori Shimizu
No photo available Tatsuya Hino
No photo available Nozomi Kawata
No photo available Kazunari Uryu
No photo available Tatsuya Ishihara
No photo available Junya Sakuma
Chika Uchida Chika Uchida
No photo available Tatsuhiko Akashi
No photo available Shinsuke Kasai
No photo available Kazuhiro Watanabe
Yosuke Eguchi Yosuke Eguchi Kenji Iwai
Masanori Ishii Masanori Ishii Electronics store owner
Masahiro Komoto Masahiro Komoto
No photo available Tortoise Matsumoto Sports shop owner
No photo available Momona Natsukawa
Takashi Okamura Takashi Okamura Ryuji Tamura
No photo available Yoshiyuki Tomino Rin's Grandfather

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