Shin Tennen Kajuu Sayaka: Shojo-gumi vs. Bakunyuu Yankee (2010)

Shin Tennen Kajuu Sayaka: Shojo-gumi vs. Bakunyuu Yankee is a 2010 Japanese movie directed by Daigo Udagawa and based on a manga by Kunikazu Sano.

It's the sequel to Daigo Utagawa’s 2009 film Tennen Kajuu Sayaka, a live-action adaptation of Sano Kunikazu’s risqué comedy manga about a buxom virginal girl named Sayaka who’s often overwhelmed by powerful sexual thoughts and impulses.

Movie info

Original title
新天然華汁さやか 処女組 VS 爆乳ヤンキー
Release date
February 13, 2010
Directed by
Daigo Udagawa
Written by
Daigo Udagawa (screenplay)
Kunikazu Sano (manga)
Distributed by


Sayaka is still in love with Ito, having experienced her first kiss with him. Unfortunately, they haven’t really advanced any further than that, causing her debilitating fantasies to get even more out of control. One day a large-breasted juvenile delinquent named Minami arrives at their school and starts to ridicule Sayaka and her friends for being virgins. Certainly someone of Minami’s vast sexual experience would be able to steal Ito away from Sayaka in no time. Thus, Sayaka’s friends decide to put her through an intense sex boot camp so that she can properly challenge the busty interloper.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Rui Kiriyama Rui Kiriyama Sayaka Tsuzumi
No photo available Iyo Shibusawa Minami
No photo available Yuka Kuramochi
yui-iwata Yui Iwata
No photo available Junna Yajima
naofumi-kaneko Naofumi Kaneko Yuki Ito
No photo available Kouta Goto
Takeshi Yamamoto Takeshi Yamamoto


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Film series

  1. Tennen Kajuu Sayaka (2009)
  2. Shin Tennen Kajuu Sayaka: Shojo-gumi vs. Bakunyuu Yankee (2010)


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