Tea Fight (2008)

Tea Fight is a 2008 Japan-Taiwan co-produced movie directed by Wang Yeming.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Premiere date
June 5, 2008
Release date
July 12, 2008
Directed by
Wang Yeming
Written by
Wang Yeming (screenplay)
Akane Yamada (screenplay)
Distributed by
Movie-Eye Entertainment
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
No photo available Vic Chou Yang
Erika Toda Erika Toda Mikiko Yagi
No photo available Chang Chun-Ning Ruahua
yoko-fujita Yoko Fujita
Yoshihiko Hosoda Yoshihiko Hosoda Murano
No photo available Jin Shi-Jye
Teruyuki Kagawa Teruyuki Kagawa Kei Yagi
No photo available So Sakamoto
No photo available Eric Tsang Lu Yu
No photo available Wang Chuan

Latest news

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    Trailer for Wang Ye-ming’s “Tea Fight”

    The official website for Wang Ye-ming’s Taiwan/Japan co-produced movie Tea Fight added a trailer earlier today. The film involves an ancient “tea curse” passed down through generations of...

    9 years ago


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