The Blessing Bell (2002)

The Blessing Bell is a Japanese movie directed by SABU. It premiered at Tokyo FILMeX on December 8, 2002. and was released domestically by TFC on November 22, 2003.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Kōfuku no Kane
Release date
November 22, 2002


Upon discovering his factory has shut down, blue collar worker Igarashi (Susumu Terajima) starts walking. In his travels over the next 24 hours he witnesses many aspects of the human condition before making the journey back home with a new perspective on what the important things really are in life.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Susumu Terajima Susumu Terajima
Ryoko Shinohara Ryoko Shinohara
Itsuji Itao Itsuji Itao
kazuko-shirakawa Kazuko Shirakawa
Koji Yokokawa Koji Yokokawa
Naomi Nishida Naomi Nishida
Sansei Shiomi Sansei Shiomi
seijun-suzuki Seijun Suzuki
Toru Tezuka Toru Tezuka

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