The Suicide Song (2007)

The Suicide Song is a 2007 Japanese horror movie written and directed by Masato Harada.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Densen Uta
Release date
August 25, 2007
Directed by
Masato Harada
Written by
Masato Harada (screenplay)
Daisuke Wabara (screenplay)
Yasushi Akimoto (novel)
Eiren rating
PG12 (Parental Guidance Requested)
Distributed by
+ Show DVD & Blu-ray releases


When a teenage girl named Kana inexplicably commits suicide at her high school while humming a strange song, rumors start to fly around the school that her death was actually caused by a mysterious song. This theory is further perpetuated by the editor of a tabloid magazine named Riku.

More suicides occur after this until Kana’s friend Anzu finally unravels the mystery of the curse, as well as the song’s true meaning.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryuhei Matsuda Ryuhei Matsuda Riku Nahase
Yusuke Iseya Yusuke Iseya Taichi
yuko-oshima Yuko Oshima Anzu Natsuno
Atsuko Maeda Atsuko Maeda Kana Takahashi
Erena Ono Erena Ono Sae Miyazaki
haruna-kojima Haruna Kojima Kiriko
Hiroshi Abe Hiroshi Abe Jake
kayo-noro Kayo Noro
minami-minegishi Minami Minegishi Rumi Inoue
minami-takahashi Minami Takahashi Ai
Sayaka Akimoto Sayaka Akimoto Shuri Matsuda
tomomi-kasai Tomomi Kasai Asuka Kumoi
No photo available Toshihiro Yashiba
Yoshino Kimura Yoshino Kimura Ranko Kaburagi

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