Time Scoop Hunter (2013)

Time Scoop Hunter is a 2013 Japanese science fiction movie written and directed by Hiroyuki Nakao. It's a filmization of a TV drama which has aired on NHK since 2009. The program uses the theme of time travel to present fictionalized documentaries on lesser-know historical figures.

Movie info

Original title
劇場版タイムスクープハンター 安土城 最後の1日
Transliterated title
Gekijōban Taimu Sukūpu Hantā: Azuchi-jō - Saigo no 1-nichi
Release date
August 31, 2013
Directed by
Hiroyuki Nakao
Written by
Hiroyuki Nakao (screenplay)
102 min.
Eiren rating
G (General Audiences)
Distributed by


“Space-time journalist” Yuichi Sawajima is sent back through time to unravel the mystery of Azuchi Castle, which was built by famous shogun Oda Nobunaga and burned down within 3 years of its completion.

When he time-warps to the year 1582, he crosses paths with a warrior monk wielding a gun that shouldn’t exist in that time period and discovers that history has been altered. He then travels to the “last day” of Azuchi Castle in a last-ditch effort to repair the timeline.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Jun Kaname Jun Kaname Yūichi Sawajima, space-time journalist
Kaho Kaho Hikari Hosono, rookie reporter
Anne Anne Minami Furuwashi, space-time journalist
Saburo Tokito Saburo Tokito Yajima Gonnosuke
Ryuhei Ueshima Ryuhei Ueshima Shimai Sōshitsu
Hijiri Kojima Hijiri Kojima Shino
Takanori Takeyama Takanori Takeyama Tsutomu Tanizaki
Kyusaku Shimada Kyusaku Shimada Banyama Saburobee
Ken Utsui Ken Utsui Ichinose Tadafumi
Takashi Yamanaka Takashi Yamanaka
No photo available Akihito Yoshiie


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