Little Ghostly Adventures of the Tofu Boy (2011)

Little Ghostly Adventures of the Tofu Boy is a 2011 Japanese 3D animated fantasy movie directed by Gisaburo Sugii and based on the novel “Tofu Kozo Sugoroku-dochu Furidashi” by Natsuhiko Kyogoku.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Tōfu Kozō
Release date
April 29, 2011
Distributed by
Warner Bros.


Unlike his fellow yokai, Tofu Kozo is unable to scare even the most timid of humans due to his silly appearance and his completely unintimidating calling card of carrying a plate of tofu around.

Constantly made a fool of by his colleagues and scolded by his father, Tofu Kozo is joined by a Dharma doll chaperone as he embarks on a trip to find his mother. He’s involved in various adventures on his journey and experiences personal growth along the way.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kyoko Fukada Kyoko Fukada Tofu Kozo
Ai Haruna Ai Haruna
aya-hirano Aya Hirano
Hiroyuki Miyasako Hiroyuki Miyasako
ken-matsudaira Ken Matsudaira
Rei Dan Rei Dan
Teppei Koike Teppei Koike
Tetsuya Takeda Tetsuya Takeda
Yo Oizumi Yo Oizumi


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  • Teaser (Japanese)

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