What the Snow Brings (2005)

What the Snow Brings is a Japanese movie directed by Kichitaro Negishi and based on a novel by Sho Narumi. It was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 28, 2005 and released by stylejam and Tokyo Theatres Company in Japan on April 15, 2006.

Yusuke Iseya stars as a man named Manabu Yazaki who, after losing the last of his savings betting on an old horse, is forced to move in with his older brother and stable owner (Koichi Sato). After living most of his life chasing success in the business world, Manabu actually finds he enjoys chipping in as a stable hand and he forges relationships with the stable boys and a female jockey named Makie.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Yuki ni negau koto
Release date
October 28, 2005
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    Label: TA Entertainment (US)
    Out: Feb 28, 2008
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Yusuke Iseya Yusuke Iseya Manabu Yazaki
Koichi Sato Koichi Sato Takeo Yazaki
Kyoko Koizumi Kyoko Koizumi Haruko Tanaka
Kazue Fukiishi Kazue Fukiishi Makie Shudo
No photo available Tetsuya Deguchi Yuhara
Denden Denden Tamotsu Fujimaki
Teruyuki Kagawa Teruyuki Kagawa Ogasawara
Mitsuko Kusabue Mitsuko Kusabue Shizuko Yazaki
No photo available Kotaro Okamoto
No photo available Ryuta Okamoto Tominaga
Kippei Shiina Kippei Shiina Kurokawa
Masahiko Tsugawa Masahiko Tsugawa Ozeki
Hiroshi Yamamoto Hiroshi Yamamoto Tetsuo Kato
Tsutomu Yamazaki Tsutomu Yamazaki Tanba


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