Hiroyuki Sanada (Actor)


Hiroyuki Sanada is a Japanese actor from Tokyo. Before breaking in to the movie business, he trained at Sonny Chiba’s Japan Action Club hoping to one day become a martial arts action film star.

Sanada appeared in many action films in the 70s and early 80s, but as it became clear he was actually a talented and well-rounded actor, he was able to branch out into all different types of roles in every genre. Today he is best known in the west for his involvement in big-budget Hollywood productions such as The Last Samurai and Rush Hour 3.

Native name
真田広之 (SANADA Hiroyuki)
Shinagawa, Tokyo
October 12, 1960 (age 56)
5' 7" (170 cm)

Filmography as actor

Year Movie Role
2013 47 Ronin Oishi Kuranosuke
2005 Aegis Sengoku
2002 The Twilight Samurai
2001 All About Our House Bartender
2000 Hatsukoi Shinichiro Fujiki
1998 Ring Ryuji Takayama
1998 Rasen Ryuji Takayama
1990 Yellow Fangs Eiji
1983 Legend of the Eight Samurai Inue Shinbei Masashi
1982 Ninja Wars Jotaro Fuefuki
1982 Fall Guy actor
1981 Makai Tensho: Samurai Reincarnation Kirimaru Iga
1980 Shogun’s Ninja Momochi Takamaru
1979 G.I. Samurai Takeda Katsuyori
1978 Shogun’s Samurai Hayate
1974 The Executioner Toga as a boy

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