Miyavi Matsunoi (Actress)

Miyavi Matsunoi (formerly Saori Hara)

Miyavi Matsunoi, formerly known as Saori Hara, is a Japanese actress, gravure idol, singer, and former adult video actress from Hiroshima.

Native name
松野井雅 (MATSUNOI Miyavi)
Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
December 31, 1987 (age 29)
5' 5" (165 cm)
Blood type
Films, AV


When Matsunoi was in 9th grade, she made her way from Hiroshima to Tokyo with the goal of becoming an idol under the stage name Mai Nanami. After her initial failure to break into show business, she decided to concentrate on her education at Tokyo’s entertainment industry-focused Horikoshi High School. After graduating, she spent two years drifting between part-time jobs and sparse acting work before finally getting back into the world of entertainment in earnest, making her second debut under the stage name Saori hara in 2008.

AV Career

On November 25, 2008, Matsunoi announced her impending adult video debut via an article in Shogakukan’s sabra magazine titled “SAORI-CHUU-BE” and a follow-up blog post (now deleted). After that post, her blog reportedly jumped from an average of 200 views a day to over 10,000. On January 22, 2009, her AV debut, “Geinojin Hara Saori Kiseki no AV Debut”, was released by Soft On Demand, eventually selling over 100,000 copies.


Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Matsunoi reportedly canceled her contract with SOD through her lawyer, citing a damaged mental state. Her retirement was officially announced in August of that year. Her blog and website were also taken down at that time.


In April 2014, Matsunoi resumed her career in the entertainment industry under her current stage name, which was given to her by author and actor Lily Franky. She revealed that she had been depressed and drinking heavily before leaving the AV industry and married a 50-year-old man in October 2012. Although she ruled out working in the adult video industry as part of her return, she posed nude for a photo spread titled "Rebirth" in the April 21, 2014 issue of Weekly Playboy.


  • Hara is three-quarters Japanese. Her paternal grandfather is German.
  • Her real name is Mai Kato.

Filmography as actor

Year Movie Role
2011 The Citizen Police 69 Saeko
2010 Horny House of Horror Nagisa
2010 Garo Red Requiem
2010 Yuriko’s Aroma Ayame
2009 Memoirs of a Lady Ninja
2009 Japan in Contamination
2009 Lala Pipo
2008 Reigo, the Deep-Sea Monster vs. the Battleship Yamato
2005 Haru Urara

AV titles

Title Release Date
Celebrity Saori Hara Miracle Porn Debut Jan 22, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara South Island X Extreme Adventure 2 Can See All The Embarrassing Details With Thin Digital Mosaic! Feb 19, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Hey what kind of Costume do you prefer? 6 Costumes & Virtual Reality Mar 19, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Birth Of The Perfect Actress Apr 18, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Brown Eyes May 21, 2009
Naked Bodies Saori Hara Jun 1, 2009
SOD 2009 Yearbook (January-March) Collection Jun 4, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara High End Sexual Service Woman Special Inspirational WATER POLE Jun 18, 2009
Real Celebrity Saori Hara: Facial Cum Clinic Jul 23, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Kill The Orgasm Aug 20, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara No Panties Mini-skirt Date In The City Sep 19, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Hand Job, Dirty Talk, Molester Woman Oct 22, 2009
Celebrity Saori Hara Soft Hand Of The University Girl Kindly Helps Your Masturbation Nov 19, 2009
Celebrity Fan Appreciation Celebration!! Mixed Bathing Gangbang 4 Hours Special Dec 5, 2009



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