Gantz II: Perfect Answer (2011)

Gantz II: Perfect Answer is the second of a 2-part film adaptation of a Hiroya Oku manga directed by Shinsuke Sato.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Release date
April 23, 2011
Distributed by
  • GANTZ / GANTZ 2: Perfect Answer - UK DVD box

    Region 2 DVD box (English subtitles)

    Label: Manga Entertainment (UK)
    Out: Feb 6, 2012
  • Gantz II: Perfect Answer - US DVD

    Region 1 NTSC DVD (English subtitles & dubbed)

    Label: New People Entertainment (US)
    Out: Jan 17, 2012
  • Gantz II: Perfect Answer - US Blu-ray

    Region A Blu-ray (English subtitles & dubbed)

    Label: New People Entertainment (US)
    Out: Jan 17, 2012
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Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) and Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama), were childhood friends who died in a train accident and were subsequently recruited by GANTZ to assassination various “seijin” (aliens).

Kurono chooses to fight and do whatever it takes to survive, while Kato rejects violence. Trapped in an endless cycle of war, both men are eventually faced with an important choice…

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kenichi Matsuyama Kenichi Matsuyama
Kazunari Ninomiya Kazunari Ninomiya
Ayumi Ito Ayumi Ito
Go Ayano Go Ayano
Kanata Hongo Kanata Hongo
kazuyuki-asano Kazuyuki Asano
kensuke-chisaka Kensuke Chisaka
Naho Toda Naho Toda
Nako Mizusawa Nako Mizusawa
natsuna Natsuna
Shunya Shiraishi Shunya Shiraishi
Takayuki Yamada Takayuki Yamada
Tomorowo Taguchi Tomorowo Taguchi
Yuriko Yoshitaka Yuriko Yoshitaka

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  • Teaser (Japanese)

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  • Trailer (Japanese)

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Film series

  1. GANTZ (2011)
  2. Gantz II: Perfect Answer (2011)


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