Jinuyo Saraba: Kamuroba Mura e (2015)

Jinuyo Saraba: Kamuroba Mura e is a 2015 Japanese movie written and directed by Suzuki Matsuo and based on a manga by Mikio Igarashi.

Movie info

Original title
ジヌよさらば かむろば村へ
Release date
April 4, 2015
Directed by
Suzuki Matsuo
Written by
Suzuki Matsuo (screenplay)
Mikio Igarashi (manga)
Comedy | Drama
Based on manga
Distributed by
Kino Films


Takami is a bank teller who suddenly develops a phobia of money and can no longer function around it. Because of this, he decides to quit his job and move to a poor village in the Tohoku region where he can live a humble existence without having to deal with money at all. However, when he arrives he discovers the local villagers are some of the strangest people he’s ever met. Can he really handle living without money?

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryuhei Matsuda Ryuhei Matsuda Takeharu Takami
Sadao Abe Sadao Abe
Takako Matsu Takako Matsu
Fumi Nikaido Fumi Nikaido
Hairi Katagiri Hairi Katagiri
Yuko Nakamura Yuko Nakamura
Seminosuke Murasugi Seminosuke Murasugi
No photo available Shima Ise
No photo available Shuji Okui
No photo available Moro Shioka
YoshiYoshi Arakawa YoshiYoshi Arakawa
Sarutoki Minagawa Sarutoki Minagawa
Suzuki Matsuo Suzuki Matsuo
Toshiyuki Nishida Toshiyuki Nishida


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