Garo Red Requiem (2010)

Garo Red Requiem is a 3D tokusatsu film directed by Keita Amemiya which is based on his own television show from 2005-2006.

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Movie info

Original title
Release date
October 30, 2010
Distributed by
Go! Cinema


A group called the Makai Knights have secretly defended humanity for centuries by fighting demonic manifestations called “Horrors”. Chief among them is Kouga Saejima, a knight who holds the title of Garo and has the ability to transform into an incredibly powerful golden armored warrior for a short period of time. However, as long as there is wickedness in the world, there will always be more Horrors to purge. When seven new “Apostle Horrors” descend into the terrestrial world, Kouga accepts a mission to hunt down and exterminate them. A few days later, their trail leads Kouga to a port town where he happens to cross paths with Makai Priests Akaza, Shiguto, and Rekka. It seems inevitable that the four of them will need to team up to face such a powerful enemy, but Rekka has revenge on her mind, and decides to take the Apostle Horrors on by herself…

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryosei Konishi Ryosei Konishi Kouji Saejima
mary-matsuyama Mary Matsuyama
Akira Nakao Akira Nakao
Ami Tokito Ami Tokito
Hironobu Kageyama Hironobu Kageyama
Kanji Tsuda Kanji Tsuda
masahiro-kuranuki Masahiro Kuranuki
Miyavi Matsunoi (formerly Saori Hara) Miyavi Matsunoi
Yosuke Saito Yosuke Saito


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  • Teaser (Japanese)

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