Goth (2008)

Goth is a Japanese movie directed by Gen Takahashi and based on an award-winning novel by Otsuichi which was later adapted to manga by Kendi Oiwa. It was released by Jolly Roger in Japan on December 20, 2008.

Kanata Hongo stars as a popular student at a suburban Tokyo high school named Itsuki Kamiyama who is secretly obsessed with death and human cruelty. One day he meets Yoru Morino (Rin Takanashi), a beautiful fellow student who goes largely unnoticed in school due to her quiet demeanor and tendency to keep to herself.

However, her own fascination with death draws the pair together as they both take an interest in a series of recent killings. For some reason, the killer has been severing the left hands of his victims before carefully propping up their corpses in artistic scenes. When Morino finds the killer’s notebook, she teams up with Kamiyama to get to each death scene before police, not to catch or stop the criminal—but to admire his handiwork first-hand.

Movie info

Original title
Release date
December 20, 2008
Directed by
Gen Takahashi
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kanata Hongo Kanata Hongo
Rin Takanashi Rin Takanashi
Kunihiko Ida Kunihiko Ida TV caster
Mika Kamiya Mika Kamiya
Chika Kumagai Chika Kumagai
No photo available Maari
Toshinobu Matsuo Toshinobu Matsuo Mamiya
Keishi Nagatsuka Keishi Nagatsuka
Kei Nakata Kei Nakata
Yuna Natsuo Yuna Natsuo
sotaro Sotaro
minoru-torihada Minoru Torihada
Miyu Yagyu Miyu Yagyu Sakura Kamiyama
So Yamanaka So Yamanaka
Kunihiko Ida Kunihiko Ida
Yoichi Okamura Yoichi Okamura


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