Girl in the Sunny Place (2013)

Girl in the Sunny Place is a 2013 Japanese movie directed by Takahiro Miki and based on a novel by Osamu Koshigaya.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Hidamari no Kanojo
Release date
October 12, 2013
Directed by
Takahiro Miki
Written by
Tomoe Kanno (screenplay)
Kosuke Mukai (screenplay)
Osamu Koshigaya (novel)
129 min.
Eiren rating
G (General Audiences)
  • Girl In The Sunny Place (2013) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)

    Region A Blu-ray (English subtitles)

    Label: Intercontinental Video (Hong Kong)
    Out: May 13, 2014
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  • Girl in the Sunny Place - Hong Kong DVD

    Region 3 NTSC DVD (English subtitles)

    Label: Intercontinental Video (Hong Kong)
    Out: Apr 17, 2014
    Buy: YesAsia US, YesAsia Global
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Kosuke is a rookie ad exec who’s reunited with former childhood friend Mao at a client meeting 10 years after they last saw each other in junior high school. Mao has gone through a dramatic transformation from the girl who was bullied and called the “class idiot” in school to an attractive and intelligent young woman. The pair spend a lot of time together, but Mao has yet to reveal her unbelievable secret…

Featured Cast

Actor Role
jun-matsumoto Jun Matsumoto Kosuke Okuda
Juri Ueno Juri Ueno Mao Watarai
Tetsuji Tamayama Tetsuji Tamayama Haruki Shindo, Mao's senior coworker
Koji Ohkura Koji Ohkura Susumu Tanaka, Kosuke's senior coworker
Mitsuki Tanimura Mitsuki Tanimura Minegishi, Kosuke's colleague
Masaki Suda Masaki Suda Shota, Kosuke’s younger brother
mari-natsuki Mari Natsuki
Wakana Aoi Wakana Aoi Mao (junior high school)

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