Kekko Kamen Reborn (2012)

Kekko Kamen Reborn is a Japanese movie directed by Nozomu Kasagi and based on a manga by Go Nagai.

Movie info

Original title
けっこう仮面 新生-REBORN-
Transliterated title
Kekko Kamen Shinsei -REBORN-
Alternate titles
Mask the Kekkou Reborn (working title)
Release date
June 2, 2012
Directed by
Nozomu Kasagi
Written by
Kosuke Komatsu (screenplay)
Go Nagai (manga)
63 min.
Eiren rating
R15+ (Restricted to 15 and over)
Distributed by
AMG Entertainment


Mayumi Takahashi  transfers to an elite school called Sparta Academy which is run by an masked pervert named “Toenail of Satan”.

Takahashi and her fellow students are repeatedly saved from torture and humiliation by a mostly-nude crime-fighter called “Kekko Kamen”.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Aino Kishi photo © Duo Entertainment Aino Kishi
rei-toda Rei Toda
No photo available Takanori Suzuka
No photo available Yoshifumi Aoki
No photo available Keigo Kasuya
No photo available Misako Shimizu
No photo available Gorizo Akagiyama


  • As was the case with previous films in the series, the identity of the actress playing Kekko Kamen was not revealed during production.

Latest news

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    Aino Kishi to star in “Kekko Kamen Reborn”

    On Wednesday, Cinema Today reported that a new live-action film adaptation of Go Nagai’s Kekko Kamen manga will be released on June 2nd.Kekko Kamen Shinsei -REBORN- will star AV actress Aino Kishi...

    5 years ago


  • Trailer (Japanese)

    Not safe for work
    Added 5 years ago

Film series

  1. Kekko Kamen (2004)
  2. Kekko Kamen: The MGF Strikes Back (2004)
  3. Kekko Kamen Returns (2004)
  4. Kekko Kamen: Surprise!! (2004)
  5. Kekko Kamen Reborn (2012)


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