The Bugs Detective (2010)

The Bugs Detective is a Japanese movie directed by Sakichi Sato and based on a gag manga by Aozora Daichi. It was released by Libero in Japan on April 3, 2010.

The film starts Show Aikawa, a bug collector and expert in his own life, as Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida. Yoshida has the unique ability to communicate with insects which he uses to solve cases.

While searching for a missing stink bug, a woman insists Yoshida is actually “Tanaka”, a legendary detective who disappeared five years ago after a massive explosion…

Movie info

Original title
昆虫探偵 ヨシダヨシミ
Transliterated title
Konchū Tantei Yoshida Yoshimi
Release date
April 3, 2010

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Show Aikawa Show Aikawa
No photo available Hidejiro Mizumoto
No photo available Hirono Yamada
No photo available Kunikazu Katsumata
Nao Nekota Nao Nekota
Sayuri Oyamada Sayuri Oyamada
Takenori Murano Takenori Murano
Tsuyoshi Muro Tsuyoshi Muro
Yoji Tanaka Yoji Tanaka


  • The bugs used in the film were real, and aside from a few big special effects scenes such as a large bomb blast, very little CG was used. At one point the cast and crew had to stay late into the night as they waited for two beetles to mate in a pivotal scene.

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