Liar Game (2010)

Liar Game is a Japanese movie directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama which is based on a manga serial by Shinobu Kaitani and continues the story started by the Liar Game Fuji TV drama. It was released by Toho on March 6, 2010.

Erika Toda stars as Nao Kanzaki, a gullible college student who is facing a huge debt after participating in a mysterious event called the “Liar Game Tournament”. Incapable of deception, but desperate to make her money back, she asks a talented swindler named Shinichi Akiyama (Shota Matsuda) for help and eventually gets invited to the event’s “Final”.

In the Final, the players are told the theme is trust, and it’s explained that all 11 of them can walk away winners if they simply trust one another. However, the seemingly under-control game is thrown into chaos when the presence of a mysterious “Player X” is revealed.

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Movie info

Original title
ライアーゲーム ザ・ファイナルステージ
Transliterated title
Liar Game: The Final Stage
Release date
March 6, 2010
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Featured Cast

Actor Role
Erika Toda Erika Toda
Shota Matsuda Shota Matsuda
Ikkei Watanabe Ikkei Watanabe
Kazuma Suzuki Kazuma Suzuki
Kento Nagayama Kento Nagayama
Kosuke Suzuki Kosuke Suzuki
Mari Hamada Mari Hamada
Megumi Seki Megumi Seki
Michiko Kichise Michiko Kichise
Seiichi Tanabe Seiichi Tanabe
Sohkoh Wada Sohkoh Wada
YoshiYoshi Arakawa YoshiYoshi Arakawa
Yuki Akimoto Yuki Akimoto
Yuki Matsumura Yuki Matsumura


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