Kiganjo of Lupin (2011)

Kiganjo of Lupin is a 2011 Japanese movie directed by Masatoshi Akihara. The film is based Maurice Leblanc’s “L’aiguille Creuse”, known as “The Hollow Needle: The Further Adventures of Arsène Lupin” in English, but the characters and locations have been changed to fit a Japanese setting.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Rupan no Kiganjō
Release date
May 7, 2011
Distributed by


A celebrity’s secretary is murdered, and a discrepancy in the testimonies of the people involved leads to utter confusion about what actually occurred. Meanwhile a female college student and amateur sleuth discovers a mysterious cypher written on a piece of paper. She attempts to track down Lupin for guidance on the cypher, but continues to be baffled.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Sayuri Iwata Sayuri Iwata
Koichi Yamadera Koichi Yamadera Lupin
No photo available Daisuke Namikawa
No photo available Fuka Nishikawa
Haruka Suenaga Haruka Suenaga
No photo available Hidehiko Masuda
No photo available Inori Imamura
No photo available Mayo Hatsune
Mei Kurokawa Mei Kurokawa
No photo available Momoka
No photo available Natsuki Nagamine
No photo available Rica Matsumoto
No photo available Sakuma Miho
No photo available Udo Suzuki
No photo available Yoji Matsuda


  • Arsène Lupin is a “gentleman thief” character which attained a level of popularity and longevity in French-speaking countries comparable to Sherlock Holmes in English-speaking countries. He’s also mentioned as the grandfather of the main character of the Lupin III manga and anime series.


  • Trailer (Japanese)

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