Norwegian Wood (2010)

Norwegian Wood is a 2010 Japanese movie written and directed by Tran Anh Hung and based on the best-selling 1987 novel of the same name by Haruki Murakami.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Norway no Mori
Release date
December 11, 2010
Directed by
Tran Anh Hung
Written by
Tran Anh Hung (screenplay)
Haruki Murakami (novel)
Distributed by
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A college student named Watanabe is still haunted by his best friend’s suicide. One day, he runs into that friend’s girlfriend, Naoko and they wind up in a relationship together. However, Naoko becomes psychologically unstable and ends up in the hospital. Although Watanabe is worried about Naoko, he finds himself gradually getting closer to another girl, Midori, who he meets at university.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Kenichi Matsuyama Kenichi Matsuyama Watanabe
Rinko Kikuchi Rinko Kikuchi Naoko
Kiko Mizuhara Kiko Mizuhara Midori
Tetsuji Tamayama Tetsuji Tamayama Nagasawa
Kengo Kora Kengo Kora Kizuki
reika-kirishima Reika Kirishima Reiko
Eriko Hatsune Eriko Hatsune Hatsumi
Tokio Emoto Tokio Emoto Brown shirt
Shigesato Itoi Shigesato Itoi University Professor
No photo available Haruomi Hosono Record shop manager
No photo available Yukihiro Takahashi Ami Hostel gatekeeper
No photo available Takao Handa Midori's father
No photo available Yuki Ito Student activist
No photo available Kentaro Tamura Student activist
No photo available Makoto Sugisawa Student activist
No photo available Kohei Yoshino Student activist
No photo available Sawako Okuma Classmate
No photo available Haruka Masuda Classmate
No photo available Yui Higashiyama Classmate
izumi-hirasawa Izumi Hirasawa Midori's friend
No photo available Mariko Yamanaka Midori's older sister (voice)
No photo available Shinichi Hara Dorm student
No photo available Wataru Oshige Dorm student
No photo available Tomoako Miyake Dorm student
No photo available Masahiro Kobori Dorm student

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