Surely Someday (2010)

Surely Someday is a Japanese movie directed by actor Shun Oguri.

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Release date
July 17, 2010
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Drawing influence from the street musicians of Miyagi, high school students Takumi, Kyohei, Shuuto, Kazuo, and Yuuki form a band and spend all their free time practicing for their school’s upcoming festival.

However, when the festival is abruptly canceled, they come up a dimwitted strategy to fake a bomb threat to force the principal to change his mind. Surprisingly, their plan seems to work at first, but when a real bomb goes off, the group are forced to take responsibility for the explosion and are kicked out of school.

Three years later, further details of the incident are revealed as Takumi and company attempt to put their lives back in order.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Ryo Katsuji Ryo Katsuji Kyohei
Go Ayano Go Ayano Shuuto
Ryohei Suzuki Ryohei Suzuki Kazuo
Tsuyoshi Muro Tsuyoshi Muro Yuuki
No photo available Eiji Yokota
Fuyuki Moto Fuyuki Moto
kotaro-yoshida Kotaro Yoshida
Keisuke Koide Keisuke Koide
Kenichi Endo Kenichi Endo
Manami Konishi Manami Konishi
Naoto Takenaka Naoto Takenaka
Satoshi Tsumabuki Satoshi Tsumabuki
Takamasa Suga Takamasa Suga
Takashi Okamura Takashi Okamura
Takashi Sasano Takashi Sasano
Tsuyoshi Abe Tsuyoshi Abe


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