Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (2013)

Why Don’t You Play in Hell? is a 2013 Japanese action movie written and directed by Sion Sono. It premiered at the 70th Venice Film Festival on August 29, 2013. It was originally slated for a March 2013 release in Japan, but was later pushed back to September 28, 2013.

The film is based on a reworked version of a screenplay Sono wrote over 10 years earlier.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Jigoku de Naze Warui
Premiere date
August 29, 2013
Release date
September 28, 2013
Directed by
Sion Sono
Written by
Sion Sono (screenplay)
Eiren rating
PG12 (Parental Guidance Requested)
Theme song
Performed by Gen Hoshino


Two men, Mutoh and Ikegami are filled with mutual hatred for each other for some reason. However, Ikegami unexpectedly falls in love with Mutoh’s daughter Mitsuko, who’s an aspiring actress.

Mutoh and his wife Shizue want their daughter to get the starring role in a movie, so Mutoh decides to produce a film himself. Eventually a man named Hirata, who is mistaken for a film director, and a young movie named Koji become involved in Mutoh’s film.

Even knowing Mitsuko is the daughter of his hated rival, Ikegami soon becomes involved in the troubled production, leading to a bizarre chain of events.

Featured Cast

Actor Role
Jun Kunimura Jun Kunimura Mutoh
Fumi Nikaido Fumi Nikaido Mitsuko
Tomochika Tomochika Shizue
Hiroki Hasegawa Hiroki Hasegawa Koji
Gen Hoshino Gen Hoshino Hirata
Shinichi Tsutsumi Shinichi Tsutsumi Ikegami
Tak Sakaguchi Tak Sakaguchi
Kyoko Enami Kyoko Enami Otani-san, movie theater attendant


  • Gen Hoshino wrote and performed the film's theme song before going on hiatus following additional treatment for the subarachnoid hemorrhage he got surgery for a year earlier.

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