Maki Horikita (Actress)


Maki Horikita is a Japanese actress from Tokyo.

Horikita was recruited by Sweet Power in 2002 when she was still an 8th grader. She began her career as a junior idol the following year but quickly transitioned into television and film acting, winning lead roles in Cosmic Rescue: The Moonlight Generations and the TV drama “Cell Phone Detective Mai Zenigata” within months of her debut.

Horikita has a plethora of nicknames including: Maki-chan, MakiMaki, Homaki, and Makinpo.

Native name
堀北真希 (HORIKITA Maki)
Kiyose, Tokyo
October 6, 1988 (age 28)
5' 3" (160 cm)
Sweet Power

Filmography as actor

Year Movie Role
2014 A Samurai Chronicle Kaoru, Toda's daughter
2013 My Little Sweet Pea Mugiko Koiwa
2013 ATARU - The First Love and the Last Kill Alessandro Carolina Madoka
2013 Hospitality Department Taki Miyojin
2012 Always: Sunset on Third Street 3 Mutsuko
2011 That’s the Way!! Hatsumi
2011 Into the White Night Yukiho Karasawa (Nishimoto)
2010 The Lady Shogun and Her Men
2010 Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Naomi Sukuse
2007 Always: Sunset on Third Street 2
2007 Argentine Hag Mitsuko Wakui
2006 One Missed Call 3: Final Asuka Matsuda
2006 Trick: The Movie 2 Misako Nishida
2005 Always: Sunset on Third Street Mutsuko Hoshino
2005 Hinokio
2004 Premonition Sayuri Wakakubo
2004 The Locker Ayano Kubo
2003 Cosmic Rescue: The Moonlight Generations Aya Mochizuki

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