Riki Takeuchi (Actor and singer)

Riki Takeuchi

Riki Takeuchi is a Japanese actor and singer best known for his portrayal of tough guy characters and gangsters in both original videos and theatrically-released films. Due to his prolific career in direct-to-video yakuza films, he’s considered one of the kings of V-cinema along with contemporaries like Show Aikawa and Hitoshi Ozawa.

Takeuchi is known for his intense, hot-headed persona which is fitting for most of his roles in high octane action films, but he’s also not afraid to use this image for comedic effect in television commercials and other media.

In 2007, Takeuchi re-debuted as a flamboyant singer called RIKI, claiming to be his own “twin brother”. In October 2009, he did a cover version of Morning Musume’s 1999 Jpop hit Love Machine. The subsequent music video for the song briefly went viral worldwide for its unabashed absurdity.

Native name
竹内力 (TAKEUCHI Riki)
Actor and singer
Saiki, Oita Prefecture
January 4, 1964 (age 53)
5' 11" (180 cm)
Blood type
Films, TV dramas, original videos
RIKI Project

Filmography as actor

Year Movie Role
2014 Tokyo Tribes Buppa
2014 Thermae Romae II Tateno
2014 Silver Spoon Goushi Mikage, Aki's father
2013 Battle of Hiromi-kun! The High School Samurai Boy Hiromi-kun
2012 Thermae Romae
2009 Gokusen: The Movie
2009 Elite Yankee Saburo
2008 ICHI Izo, Banki gang number 2
2007 Big Man Japan Leaping Beast
2007 The Sword of Alexander Monk Grin
2006 LoveDeath
2006 Yo-Yo Girl Cop Kazutoshi Kira
2003 Last Life in the Universe Takashi
2003 Battle Royale II: Requiem RIKI, teacher
2003 Yakuza Demon Seiji
2002 Mafia Family Yanagawa - Part 2 Jiro Yanagawa
2002 Deadly Outlaw: Rekka Kunisada
2002 Mafia Family Yanagawa - Part 1
2002 Dead or Alive: Final Officer Takeshi Honda
2000 Dead or Alive 2: Birds Shuuichi Sawada
1999 Dead or Alive Ryuuichi
1999 Wild Criminal Udo
1999 Blood Takuya Nakajo / Kizaki
1996 Fudoh: The New Generation Daigen Nohma
1996 Peanuts: Rakkasei
1995 Tokyo Mafia Ginya Yabuki
1994 Nobody Nanbu

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