Fumihiko Sori onboard to direct animated “Dragon Age” film

By kevin on August 13, 2010 at 11:42am EDT

Fumihiko Sori / Dragon Age

Back in July, North American anime distributor FUNimation announced via press release that they had signed a deal with Electronic Arts subsidiary BioWare to create an animated film based on the Dragon Age video game franchise. Today comes word that Fumihiko Sori, director of Ping Pong (2002), Vexille (2007), and ICHI (2008), will direct.

The film will mark FUNimation’s first foray into original anime movie productions, having announced the initiative back in November of 2009.

BioWare launched the Dragon Age franchise late last year with the highly-anticipated release of their fantasy RPG “Dragon Age: Origins”. The game featured a fairly derivative RPG story and common gameplay mechanics, but was buoyed by BioWare’s typical acute attention to detail and an unusual emphasis on freedom of choice, giving players the option to be good, neutral, or evil—or even gay, straight, or bisexual—based entirely on their own actions within the game.

Since its initial release, over 4 million copies of the core game have been sold and it’s since been augmented by several chapters of episodic downloadable content and one full expansion pack. A sequel is currently on track for a Q1 2011 release.

The Dragon Age film will be released on home video in the US sometime in 2011 and will get a theatrical release in Japan.

Sources: Anime News Network, Gigazine

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