Rebirth (2011)

Rebirth is a 2011 Japanese movie directed by Izuru Narushima and based on a novel by Mitsuyo Kakuta.

Movie info

Original title
Transliterated title
Youkame no Semi
Release date
April 29, 2011
Directed by
Izuru Narushima
Written by
Satoko Okudera (screenplay)
Distributed by


A woman named Kiwako kidnaps the baby daughter of a man she’s having an affair with. The daughter, Erina, grows up and winds up having an affair of her own which leads to pregnancy.

Featured Cast

Mao Inoue Mao Inoue Erina
Hiromi Nagasaku Hiromi Nagasaku Kiwako
Jun Fubuki Jun Fubuki
Gekidan Hitori Gekidan Hitori
Eiko Koike Eiko Koike
yoko-moriguchi Yoko Moriguchi
Tetsushi Tanaka Tetsushi Tanaka
No photo available Konomi Watanabe
yo-yoshida Yo Yoshida
Kimiko Yo Kimiko Yo
Min Tanaka Min Tanaka
Mitsuru Hirata Mitsuru Hirata
Miwako Ichikawa Miwako Ichikawa

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