Takashi Miike (Film director)


Takashi Miike is a Japanese film director from Osaka.

In the past, Miike had been known for churning out a prolific number of low-budget genre movies and original videos which combine comedy with extreme violence. However, his latest films have mostly been projects for major studios with more mainstream appeal.

Even so, Miike continues to maintain a very busy shooting schedule and typically directs several major films each year with very few breaks between projects.

Native name
三池崇史 (MIIKE Takashi)
Film director
Yao, Osaka
August 24, 1960 (age 56)

Filmography as director

Year Movie
2015 Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld
2014 As the Gods Will
2014 Over Your Dead Body
2013 The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji
2013 Shield of Straw
2012 Lesson of Evil
2012 For Love’s Sake
2012 Ace Attorney
2011 Ninja Kids!!!
2011 Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai
2010 13 Assassins
2010 Zebraman 2: Attack on Zebra City
2009 Crows Zero II
2009 Yatterman
2008 God’s Puzzle
2007 Crows Zero
2007 Detective Story
2007 Sukiyaki Western Django
2007 Yakuza: Like a Dragon
2006 Sun Scarred
2006 Waru: Kanketsu-hen
2006 Imprint
2006 Waru
2006 Big Bang Love, Juvenile A
2005 The Great Yokai War
2004 IZO
2004 Zebraman
2003 One Missed Call
2003 The Negotiator
2003 Yakuza Demon
2003 Gozu
2003 The Man in White
2002 Deadly Outlaw: Rekka
2002 Shangri-La
2002 Kumamoto Monogatari
2002 Takashi Miike’s Graveyard of Honor
2002 Sabu
2001 The Happiness of the Katakuris
2001 Agitator
2001 Ichi the Killer
2001 Family 2
2001 Visitor Q
2001 Family
2000 Dead or Alive 2: Birds
2000 The Guys From Paradise
2000 The City of Lost Souls
1999 White Collar Worker Kintaro
1999 Dead or Alive
1999 Audition
1999 Silver
1999 Ley Lines
1998 Young Thugs: Nostalgia
1998 Blues Harp
1998 Andromedia
1998 The Bird People In China
1997 Full Metal Yakuza
1997 Rainy Dog
1997 Jingi Naki Yabou 2
1997 Young Thugs: Innocent Blood
1996 Fudoh: The New Generation
1996 The Way to Fight
1996 Peanuts: Rakkasei
1996 Jingi Naki Yabou
1996 Shin Daisan no Gokudo II
1996 Shin Daisan no Gokudo: Boppatsu Kansai Gokudo Senso
1995 Shinjuku Triad Society
1995 Osaka Tough Guys
1995 Bodyguard Kiba: Combat Apocalypse 2
1995 Daisan no Gokudo
1994 Bodyguard Kiba: Combat Apocalypse
1994 Shinjuku Outlaw
1993 Oretachi wa tenshi ja nai 2
1993 Oretachi wa tenshi ja nai
1993 Bodyguard Kiba
1992 A Human Murder Weapon
1991 Red Hunter: Prelude to Murder
1991 Eyecatch Junction

Filmography as writer

Year Movie
2012 Lesson of Evil
2007 Sukiyaki Western Django
2005 The Great Yokai War

Filmography as actor

Year Movie Role
2005 The Neighbor No. Thirteen Kaneda
2004 Otakus in Love
2003 Last Life in the Universe Yakuza
2002 Ichi the Killer: Episode Zero Kakihara
2002 Takashi Miike’s Graveyard of Honor Restaurant gunman
2001 Agitator Shinozaki
1997 Young Thugs: Innocent Blood Man getting beaten up by Riichi
1996 The Way to Fight Stabbing victim
1995 Another Lonely Hitman Drug dealer
1989 Black Rain factory worker

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