Ju-on: Black Ghost (2009)

Ju-on: Black Ghost is a Japanese movie written and directed by Mari Asato. It was theatrically released alongside Ryuta Miyake's Ju-on: White Ghost.

Movie info

Original title
呪怨 黒い少女
Transliterated title
Ju-on: Kuroi Shōjo
Release date
June 27, 2009
Directed by
Mari Asato
Written by
Mari Asato (screenplay)
Distributed by
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A Nurse named Yuko has a strange experience while taking care of a girl named Fukie. Test results show a cyst inside Fukie’s body, but that cyst is actually the leftover grudge from a baby who was unable to be born. The cyst’s grudge spreads to Fukie and everyone around her. Soon Fukie’s father goes mad and commits murder. Fukie’s sister Mariko has special spiritual power, and together with their mother they have some success driving out the evil spirit. But the worst of the grudge is yet to come.

Featured Cast

Koji Seto Koji Seto Tetsuya (segment "Tetsuya")
No photo available Kuniteru Shigeyama Ryuta (segment "Tetsuya")
kana-tsugihara Kana Tsugihara Mutsumi (segment "Tetsuya")
ai-kago Ai Kago Yuko (segment "Yuko")
No photo available Shinji Nomura Ishi
No photo available Michiko Iwahashi Kangoshi
No photo available Yuno Nakazono Ayano (segment "Ayano")
Ichirota Miyakawa Ichirota Miyakawa Takushî no Untenshu (segment "Ayano")
Hana Matsumoto Hana Matsumoto Fuki'e (segment "Fukie")
No photo available Ayato Kosugi Shonen (segment "Fukie")
No photo available Kozo Sato Seishinkai
Masanobu Katsumura Masanobu Katsumura Yokota (segment "Yokota")
No photo available Ryota Matsushima Yoshio (segment "Yokota")
No photo available Shusei Uto Toshio Saeki (segment "Yokota")
Yuri Nakamura Yuri Nakamura Mariko (segment "Mariko")
ryunosuke-hashino Ryunosuke Hashino Mariko no Musuko
No photo available Yoshimi Tachi Mariko no Otto
maria-takagi Maria Takagi Kiwako (segment "Kiwako")

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Film series

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